Deciding and Implementing Analysis of Good, Better and Best in your Marriage

Sometimes people limit progress by labeling priorities, decisions and actions as good or bad, or right or wrong.  This type of cognitive distortion or thinking error is known as polarized thinking or black and white thinking.  
Limiting one’s analysis to only good or bad may prevent them from making BETTER decisions and priorities in their lives.  Decisions and priorities are often not just good or bad, but can be on a spectrum of GOOD, BETTER and BEST.  
Some self-reflection and communication with their spouse could likely help to define the things individuals and couples spend time with and devote their lives to as GOOD, BETTER or BEST. 
If spouses take a moment on occasion and have an intentional conversation bout the things they are doing both individually and as a family that fit into each of these categories, it will allow them to hear valuable feedback and perspective and will likely change a few things for the BETTER and BEST.  
I challenge you to make time to have such a conversation with your spouse.  For best results, bring a paper and write down some of the things you have been devoting your time and attention to in one column and then make 3 rows (grid) labeled “GOOD,” “BETTER” and “BEST.”
Life and time are limited.  To improve your family life and marriage and business, you may decide to eliminate some of the GOOD things you are doing to focus more on the BETTER and BEST.   
Good luck with this and as always, if we can help, please let us know.  
Shine On!